Meal-Planning: Week 1 Self-Isolation

Meal-plans and shopping lists for a family of 4

Oh my… what a week! Who would have thought a few weeks ago that we’d all be confined to our homes for an extended period! I’m writing this from France where we have already done one week of confinement and I thought it could be helpful to share my meal-plans for our family of 4 along with shopping lists. All meals have vegetarian options since only my kids eat meat, my husband is pescatarian and I’m mostly plant-based foods, although I’m currently taking a flexitarian attitude.

If one good thing will come of this, it is that my kids will become less fussy with food. I have insisted that they eat everything that we eat; previously they would have turned their noses up at seeds, beans and cabbage salads. But now they eat everything. I have started putting seeds (sunflower or sesame) on all foods to enrich foods nutritionally, and we will be eating beans and lentils regularly from now on.

This week of menus looks pretty normal, with plenty of vegetables. Some meals are made with frozen foods, notably frozen fish fillets. As time goes on I’m not sure how food supply will be and we have vowed not to leave our home to shop for at least 3 weeks. We haven’t stock-piled, but always have a well stocked pantry which I’ll be emptying over the next few weeks. In case of emergency, I bought a few large bags of various beans, lentils, rice and quinoa. I also bought extra frozen vegetables and frozen fish fillets.


You can download my meal-plan and shopping list here:

Shopping List:

Here’s the shopping list for my meal-plans, for a family of 4 with 1 vegetarian and 1 pescatarian.

I have years of experience in meal-planning and if you need any help or advice, please do get in touch. I am happy to offer a 15 minute chat for free, you can call me on: +44 20 8123 3868, or if you are in France: +33 6 37 41 61 38.

In terms of the supplements, if you want advice its best to give me a call. I’ll write a separate post on what I believe the important nutrients to be.

I will be uploading our meal-plans weekly so please sign up for updates on my blog.

Lets all Keep Calm and Eat Healthily


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