Nutrition Consultancy

I have worked with numerous companies in the role of nutrition consultant. I am educated in food safety, nutritional health claims, European and international food regulation, public health nutrition, and nutrient recommendations throughout the lifecycle, along with having 6 years experience of working in personalised nutrition.

I have extensive experience in the creation of menus based on a wide range of specificities. I also have experience of menu analysis and have software and databases for this purpose.

My first nutrition consultancy role was in 2014 for the Pure Package: a very well respected gourmet food delivery company in central London who cater for many athletes and celebrities. I helped the Pure Package with the creation of a new diet plan specifically for athletes. These menus were based on a standard low carbohydrate diet, however I had to provide gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian alternatives for all meals.

In this section I will detail some examples of projects I have worked on. If you would like my help on your project, please get in touch.


Diet company in Menton, France

Miniweight are one of the leading diet companies in France who have a very successful program involving nutritional advice and weekly menus, a physical training program, along with herbal teas and supplements to enhance weight-loss.

In November 2019 to January 2020 I worked with Miniweight to produce a new 4-week diet program based on the vegan diet. The final product is available to buy on

Project: Creation of a new diet program for this well established diet company in France based on the vegan diet.

Feedback from the client: “Cheryl completed all her tasks on time, did more than expected and I highly recommend her.

Australian Diet Company

Creation of a new 4-month diet plan for an Australian diet and nutraceuticals company based on the vegetarian diet. This company already had a well-established and successful program but wished to extend their product to cater for vegetarian clients. The diet was based on low-carbohydrate and high-protein principals, it was gluten-free and dairy-free.

Project: creation of a 4-month diet plan based on the vegetarian diet using gluten-free and diary-free principles with low carbohydrate content.

Cancer Support France (CSF)-Provence-Gard

Training presentation for support workers on nutrition during and after cancer treatment

Cancer support France is a charity supporting Anglophone individuals fighting cancer in France. The charity provide support for their clients such as joining them to medical appointments, supporting their family members, and offering various holistic therapies at a monthly drop-in centre.

I gave a presentation on nutrition and cancer to their support workers at two of their training events, in 2016 and 2019. The presentations covered different types of cancer and their specific nutritional recommendations. It covered up-to-date research on nutrition controversies, such as consumption of soya products for individuals fighting breast cancer. I offered practical suggestions and easy recommendations that they could pass onto their clients.

Practical advice included a discussion on the appropriate diet protocol for patients fighting cancer and for after treatment.

Feedback from the client:

“Very many thanks for taking the immense trouble to come to our training day yesterday. You pitched your presentation perfectly and everyone commented at the wash up how fascinating and important it all was.

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