Private Nutrition Consultations
Consultations are on a one-to-one basis whereby we would discuss your health goals, health concerns and current diet and lifestyle. Using my nutritional expertise I will build an individual program to help you achieve your health goals. You will receive a dietary programme along with recommendations on supplements, if required, and lifestyle. Appointments can be either in person at the Charterhouse Clinic in Marylebone, or via my virtual clinic.
Corporate Wellness
There are undoubtedly extensive benefits to investing in the wellbeing of your workforce, with health and wellness programs having been found to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and worker satisfaction. I have developed a series of workshops for staff on varying topics, such as using nutrition to improve overall health and nutrition and stress relief. I worked for an investment bank and a city law firm and understand the pressure of working in a fast paced environment, and I can apply my nutritional expertise to give your workforce the tools and knowledge to stay healthy and enhance their productivity.

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Good nutrition is central to us leading a healthful life, and the fast paced modern lifestyle is not always conducive to healthy eating practices. However, more and more it is accepted that diets are to blame for the ever increasing non-communicable diseases from which we suffer, with the World Health Organization urging European countries to provide better advice to citizens on healthy dietary practices in an attempt to curb this increase.

Nutritional therapists work with individuals using a holistic functional medicine approach. This approach identifies body systems which are out of balance and which might be contributing to any symptoms and health concerns. These major body systems are digestive, endocrine, reproductive, excretory, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and integumentary. The aim of the nutritional recommendations is to rebalance these body systems and support the body towards better health. Nutritional therapy takes a holistic approach and encourages individuals to make changes to their diet and lifestyle to bring their body back into balance naturally.

Associate and registered nutritionists are those who are on the register held by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and have the letters ANutr or RNutr after their name. AfN nutritionists are qualified to work in a wide range of settings, with companies on food safety issues and regulation, in a public health setting working on regulation and public health interventions, with private clients advising on nutrition for a wide range of health issues, and AfN nutritionists also work often in a hospital setting alongside dieticians. 

Before your consultation I like to either have a short chat on the phone, or I would ask you to fill in a questionnaire and return it to me for preliminary analysis. I would also ask you to complete a 3 day food diary which can be either sent by email, or I can register you with an application which allows you to fill in your food throughout the day and allows me access. This information helps me to tailor recommendations to you. Your consultation would be one-to-one whereby further investigation into your case history along with lifestyle, medications, current diet and symptoms. We would agree on your health goals and then develop together a realistic and individual programme for you to follow. Your programme would be for 4 weeks and during this time you can contact your nutritionist for support or advice. 

Nutrition consultation

Charterhouse Clinic, Marylebone OR 54 Quarry Street, Guildford
an explanation of your health concerns and discussion around foods which might be contributing factors
a detailed nutritional programme with menu ideas and supplement recommendations
3 weeks email/telephone support following your appointment
arrange my appointment15 minute pre-consultation call is free if you would like to call me before booking your appointment

consultation en nutrition

L'Atrium, 18 Rue Marechale Joffre, Aix-en-Provence
une explication de vos problèmes de santé et une discussion sur les aliments qui pourraient être des facteurs contributifs
un programme nutritionnel détaillé avec des idées de menus et des supplément alimentaires
3 semaines de support par email / téléphone après votre rendez-vous
organiser mon rendez-vous
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